More plans.

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Well since my Exia isn’t going anywhere, I’m going to start a side project next week.

A Geara Zulu!

It was a toss-up between a Zulu and a Loto, but the Loto seems to have a lot of problems.

Plus it’s tiny.


Working on a color scheme tomorrow.

I’m actually kinda excited.



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“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

-George Bernard Shaw

No progress at all the past few months.

I’ve been wanting to get some stuff done but my partner-in-Gunpla has been busy as hell lately.

There’s be some news eventually I’m sure.

Sweet new Banner!

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Totally just made it myself.

Took like 10 minutes.

Pretty awesome, rite?

The circle of Life. (Featuring RGM-79[G] and Exia WIP.)

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The circle of Life, anyone? O;

Trouble on the Home-front.

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Well, I’ve been struggling with pseudo-depression lately and only the torso of the Exia has been snapfit.  I don’t expect a lot to get done for a while. Sorry for anyone who actually reads this, hahahah.

It’ll come eventually.

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Due to a lack of free time, and money, I have yet to buy the paints, brushes, or other stuff needed to make my Exia. It’ll happen eventually.

…Probably after driver’s ed, and stuff. And finals. :l

RGM-79(G) Picture.

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The only good(?) picture of my hand-weathered, Air-brushed RGM-79(G). It’s not weathered in the sense of  grunged or anything, it was basically attacked by a soldering iron.

As my friend said;

“Shakes says (4:38 AM):*Did the dog get ahold of it?

Kommissar Gasmaske says (4:38 AM):*…


*That was intentional.

Shakes says (4:38 AM):*oh

*It looks cool on the helmet.