The circle of Life. (Featuring RGM-79[G] and Exia WIP.)

The circle of Life, anyone? O;


4 Responses to “The circle of Life. (Featuring RGM-79[G] and Exia WIP.)”

  1. Looking forward to your build!! So you’re painting it? cool colour scheme though 😀 I painted my GN Sword too

    • It’ll be alright.
      I’ve been thinking about weathering and we’re probably just gonna do some subtle stuff.
      And yeah, we’re painting all the kits we do. ‘Cept the Musha.
      And the color scheme isn’t black and white like that, xD.
      That would be pretty cool, but we’re gonna do military colors sorta.
      Know any way to make a little like, scarf muffler thing? I want Exia to be a super hero.

      • bent pla-plates? I’ve seen people doing it before. bend it a sense that makes it look like scarf. Make sure it is held in place for some time so that it will remain that shape. Then prime, sand, paint 😀

      • Dude that would be awesome.
        My question: Where can I pick up PLA plates, and is there tutorial for their use? I’ve never used them before.

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