About Caledbolg.

Good day, internet going. I’m Caledbolg, (Real name is a SEEEEECRET.) I’ve been meaning to make a wordpress for a while, as I’ve only just started my Gunpla career and would love somewhere on the net to catalog it. ‘Course, I don’t actually have a camera right now. So ya know.

–About me, personally.–

16, Sophomore in High-School. Called a ‘Mechophile’ by my best friend. :l

I like earth-tones, and my soft drink of choice is Pepsi.

I live in Washington, am mostly unemployed, and live with both my parents.

I play lots of videagames, (Find me on Steam under Caledbolg. We can chat sometime.)

I spend too much time on the internet, and take AP classes up at the local Highschool.

I make very little money and spend it on candy, soda, and Gundam.

I tend to type swears a lot.

–Gundam related shit.–

I’ve built 2 Gunpla so far, a Mastergrade Shin Musha and a Mastergrade RGM-79(G).

I did no extra things to the Shin Musha, but weathered and painted the RGM-79(G), albeit way too heavily.

I don’t watch the Anime too much, and have never read any of the Manga.

I’ve watched a few episodes of Gundam Wing, am watching Gundam 00, have watched the 80th MS Team in full, and am up-to-date on Gundam Unicorn.

My favorite Gundam is probably Wing, Unicorn, or Exia.



I think The Big O is one of my favorite TV series..es.

I’ve watched a lot of Doctor Who and Firefly.

Mad Max is one of my favorite movies.


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