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It’ll come eventually.

Posted in Gunpla, Other stuff with tags , , on 01/11/2011 by Caledbolg

Due to a lack of free time, and money, I have yet to buy the paints, brushes, or other stuff needed to make my Exia. It’ll happen eventually.

…Probably after driver’s ed, and stuff. And finals. :l


Exia, inbound!

Posted in Gundam Stuff with tags , , , on 12/12/2010 by Caledbolg

I ordered it Friday, my last order from Gundam Store and More, before I swap over to GGInfinite.

I did some research into the machine, it looks like it’s definitely not bad, maybe a tad weak-legged. I ordered a Lightning Base for it, which may not have been my best move, to be quite honest. However, I feel it will be all the more impressive, as well as give me my LED fix, since I didn’t get Ignition Mode. (I couldn’t find it anywhere where it didn’t cost ~20 dollars more. >:l )