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RGM-79(G) Picture.

Posted in Gunpla with tags , , on 01/01/2011 by Caledbolg

The only good(?) picture of my hand-weathered, Air-brushed RGM-79(G). It’s not weathered in the sense of ¬†grunged or anything, it was basically attacked by a soldering iron.

As my friend said;

“Shakes says (4:38 AM):*Did the dog get ahold of it?

Kommissar Gasmaske says (4:38 AM):*…


*That was intentional.

Shakes says (4:38 AM):*oh

*It looks cool on the helmet.


Color scheme, more or less finished.

Posted in Gunpla with tags , on 12/16/2010 by Caledbolg

Not all the way done...
The color scheme for the Exia is more or less finished, at this point.
Just gotta buy paint, thinner, and get the kit. Nodnodnod.